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UpLifting Lives Is Changing Lives

We are dedicated to providing innovative housing coaching to help people live a better life. We are committed to enhancing neighborhoods and rebuilding communities with affordable custom homes using high-performance energy-efficient building systems. Our home designs implement construction solutions for scalable rebuilding in presidentially-declared disaster areas, as well as revitalizing communities impacted by economic disasters. We are a nonprofit organization providing services free of cost to our clients.



“Giving of ourselves now, we are shaping the future, creating the change we want to see and igniting the pioneering spirit in others”

Jasna Ostojich
Jasna Ostojich

Being closely involved in Real Estate, she saw that people look to professionals to help them get ahead and live their dream ... Read More


Steven Paul Cote
Steven Paul Coté
Executive Director

For decades, Steven had been inspired to rebuild neighborhoods and communities when he would see dilapidated structures. He became affected by seeing tenants being taken advantage of in both public and private sector housing. Wanting to do something to alleviate these issues, Steven’s pioneering spirit guided him. He needed an organization in which he wanted to feel like he would be “bending history.” While working with Chairwoman Jasna Ostojich, and discussing her organization’s ideas, UpLifting Lives became the outlet for Steven’s visionary work. Read More


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